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love hate love and muck from YogyaKarta to jakarta

two of the most wanted street artist from YK visited capital city, they are muck and love hate love.


ruangrupa presents:

Solo exhibitions POPO

Numpang nampang

Curator: Andi RHARHARHA & Bujangan Urban

Opening of the exhibition:

Saturday, March 6, 2010

At 17.00 - finish

music by:

The Kucruts


8 to 20 March 2010

(open Monday - Saturday at 11:00 to 21:00)

Ruru Gallery
Jl. Tebet Timur Dalam Raya No.. 6, South Jakarta 12820
t / f: +62 21 8304220

POPO is a street artist of Jakarta. The beginning of its existence starting from the walls of the silent streets. "Speak Silence", said POPO trying to explain his ideas that had been talking through his work as a diary of personal things that can not be expressed verbally.

POPO use the walls on the side streets of Jakarta as "street art diary of Visual Communication ". Diary records are personal stories or events experienced everyday. Visual communication, is a process of will or purpose to another party by using a medium that is only readable by sight. Street art refers to public spaces that provide places to channel expression with its own language to speak to the wider public again.

Apart from being an artist, POPO also taught as a teacher of Visual Communication at the Institute of Social and Political Sciences (IISIP) Jakarta. POPO removed, and then often called, as a Special Lecturer because he was considered a success using and presenting the media street art to communicate with the wider public.

This time, ruangrupa POPO specifically invited to present their project work in a solo exhibition at Gallery ruru at 6 to 20 March 2009.

For this solo exhibition, POPO will work explores a variety of digital print media, polaroid, paintings, murals, display a screen saver on your computer desktop, neon box, character toys, installation, painting on glass & medium bowl of chicken noodle. In addition, Sam is also responding to the things that keep the memory close to his experience as a landscape paintings and paintings of horses are often living room display. POPO character also tries to grasp the strategy "numpang nampang" by posing with artists infotainment and here we can see an example of his work, the character poses Polaroid POPO shook hands with President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

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