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perayaan hari anti korupsi

Student Movement from 18 campus as incorporated in the Greater Jakarta and the United Student Movement (Echo One) states vote of no confidence to the Special Committee Centurygate because already in the political scenario.

Therefore, Gema One will hold the action together with other elements on December 9, in commemoration of the Anti-Corruption Day of the World. They claim to have coordinated action with other elements. They are also denied if associated with the elite group. In addition, they also criticized the statement in the Cabinet of SBY (Friday, 4 / 12) and Rapimnas III Democratic Party (Sunday, 6 / 12), which indicated there was a social movement with political motives in action December 9.
"Statement of SBY only nonsense statements and limited to mere political rhetoric. SBY trying to menggembosi student movement, saying the action completion Century scandal ridden, "said spokesman action, Flavi, told reporters, on the sidelines of the consolidated action, Campus of National University (Unas), Pejaten, Jakarta (Monday, 7 / 12).
According Flavi, Gema One urged that the Report Center and the Financial Transaction Analysis (INTRAC) immediately opened Century fund flow data. In addition to urging the Commission to take over completion Centurygate scandal, said Plapi, Gema one also urged that the former Governor of Bank Indonesia Boediono and Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani was immediately arrested and prosecuted.

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mural for anti corruption at UI underpass with k.segart

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